Marine Blue knows your life living in the beautiful lakes region entails much more than how you are able to use and care for you boats or personal water crafts. It is also about caring for your property, driveways and walkways. We have a number of property care services to keep your entire lake front home looking great and in usable condition all year long.

As winter approaches, we offer snow plowing, snow removal and salt services to help you keep your home and business functional, safe and immune to what Mother Nature can throw at it during the unpredictable winter months. Our professional snow plowing and snow removal specialists can promise timely and safe removal of snow and ice so you can go about the business of doing business and also safely get to and from your own property. We provide deliveries of salt for commercial contractors and businesses so their employees can work and customers can continue to support your business. We carry a variety of specialty salts to ensure safe use on your property.

We are proud certified members of the Snow and Ice Management Association. As members of SIMA, the snow removal specialists at Marine Blue, Inc. can guarantee safe practices are utilized to handle your snow plowing and snow removal needs. Being members of SIMA means our professionals are highly trained in the most up to date safety standards, fully insured and accredited. For the ultimate peace of mind where your snow removal needs are concerned, look no further than Marine Blue, Inc.


In addition to providing snow plowing, snow removal and salting services, Marine Blue works with local salt mines in order to supply other local companies with a wide assortment of bulk salt and deicing compounds. From Rock Salt to the environmental friendly non corrosive salts, contact us for your salting and deicing needs.

De-Icing for Winter

Kasco De-icers are perfect for preventing costly ice damage due to jacking/lifting, ice expansion, and winter-kill conditions. Kasco De-Icers are industrial strength and designed and engineered to withstand the harshest marine environments making Kasco THE LEADER IN ICE CONTROL ENGINEERING!
Make your dock not just a place to tie your boat up to, but deck it out with the latest in dock accessories to make it another place to enjoy the water. Marine Blue offers many ways to add those final touches and make it the dock of your dreams. Add dock bumpers to keep scratches off your prized possessions, ladders for swimming, or a bench or hammock to relax away the weekend.

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