Marine Blue is proud to offer the exclusive in outdoor patio furniture, Element Square.   Element Square is the only maintenance free HD PolyE furniture manufacturer that builds unparalleled casual outdoor furniture using premium marine grade material for people who spend time relaxing outdoors in Canada and the USA.  Element Square manufactures premium maintenance-free outdoor furniture designed and produced as a  new standard in outdoor furniture by using the finest materials created specifically for all season exposure with King StarBoard®.  Known for its ability to endure the punishing weather in harsh marine environments and is made using the finest colour pigments available for long term outdoor use. The material won’t rot, warp or delaminate and never needs painting or refinishing. This makes it a smarter option than wood, wood laminates and ordinary plastic. King StarBoard® maintains its shape and finish for a lifetime of worry-free use. Cleanup is a snap with common household cleaners. The expertise is visible in the quality materials used and the expert detailing techniques of the finished product.  Element Square quality means designing beautiful products without neglecting the comfort of the user.

Comfort, durability, style and strength are the fundamental elements of Element Square:

  • Soft clean lines reflect a blend of traditional styling with contemporary design
  • Environmentally stabilized material endures harsh four-season exposure
  • Premium ¾” marine grade polymer sheet
  • Hidden stainless steel fasteners will not erode over time
  • A variety of fade-resistant colours to choose from
  • Built with precision machined parts
  • Will not swell, rot, splinter or delaminate when exposed to humidity or water
  • Will not grow mold or mildew
  • Not susceptible to insect damage
  • Easy to clean
  • No painting, sanding or refinishing required
  • Maintenance free, saving time and money
  • Ten Year Limited Warranty

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