Shore Station boat lifts have a long track record of performance. For over 45 years, Shore Station has had a reputation of strength, durability and longevity over other brands. The versatility of our line of Shore Station boat lifts also makes them a preferred brand in the area. Shore Station lifts can handle boats ranging from 800lbs to larger 6,000lb cruiser boats. With one of a kind features and design, Shore Station lifts guarantee safe access to your boat under all water conditions. The high quality specialty materials mean less maintenance and long lasting performance when you invest in a Shore Station lift for your boat.



The fastest and most convenient boat lift on the market!

  • Available in 4000 lb. to 15,000 lb. capacity vertical lifts.
  • Get on and off the water in less than 1 minute.
  • Designed for your convenience; 2 wireless remotes, auto up, easy boat entry, and minimal maintenance.
  • Keeping safety in mind with the adjustable top limit switch, inability to back-wind cables and lack of winches.



Proven vertical lift design with new FlexPower® integrated electric
drive system.

  • Available in 1500 lb. to 7,000 lb. capacity vertical lifts.
  • Efficient electric drive is faster than cranking.
  • Raise and lower your boat with push button convenience. Comes standard with 2 wireless.
  • Back-wind sensor and upper limit switch protect the lift from damage.



Legendary quality and a great value.

  • Available in 1200 lb. to 6,000 lb. capacity.
  • Operates with our famous ShoreStation “Big Wheel” hand crank.
  • Optional AC or DC “Big Wheel” cranking motor for added convenience.
  • Top limit brake and wheel lock assure safe, trouble free operation.

Boat House

Permanent Pier

Raising and lowering your boat has never been faster or easier.

  • Available in 4,000 to 8,000 lb. capacity vertical lifts.
  • On & off the water in less than 1 minute.
  • Single push-button remote for hassle free lift operation.
  • Standard Safe & Reliable FlexPower® Hydraulic design.

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