Custom Moorings

With our Blue Diamond barge capabilities, we are the only company in the lakes region who can install the kinds of custom moorings we create and install in the water. We have certified scuba divers on call who can come to your site and extract and replace the older moorings you may have under water. Our moorings are made from high quality concrete and engineered to be placed deeper, cleaner and safer than other moorings we have seen in the area. We create a low profile high density 4000 psi concrete mooring with wire mesh and integrated shackle components that are easy to maintain and placed lower than some of the shallow and dangerous moorings we have encountered.

Our moorings and the way we install them are simply engineered differently than what you may have seen from others. Whether you have an old mooring in need of replacing, or you have never had one installed before, a custom mooring from Marine Blue, Inc. can and will be the last mooring you ever need.