Seasonal Docks

Marine Blue’s Service Team is one of the best in the business. At Marine Blue, Inc. we have a full line of quality and trusted docks. We expertly combine the most trusted brands with our expert dock assembly and maintenance team. We have the materials and accessories necessary to create a modern, environmentally friendly dock, a classic dock reminiscent of those that peppered the lakes decades ago and just about anything in between. Not only are the docks we carry distinctive and of the highest quality in how they look and feel, but also in safety. We know you install docks on your waterfront property with the expectation that they will last and give you years of enjoyment and access to the boats and lakes you love. This is why we can promise that your safety, the safety of your family and the safety and security of your property is of the utmost concern when you invest in a dock from Marine Blue, Inc. We also carry a large selection of additions to your personalize your dock and enhance your enjoyment of your waterfront. We have a full line of lights and furniture so you can count on Marine Blue, Inc. as your one stop shop for everything needed to have the dock you want. With our accessories, your dock can be the ultimate place to be all day and night on the waterfront. We also have the dock brands and styles we carry assembled and on display in our showroom. We think it is imperative that you are able to feel and see exactly what you are investing in before you decide which dock may be best for your needs. Visit Marine Blue, Inc. to see our comprehensive line of docks, dock parts and accessories and all of the dock supplies you could need to create a custom dock to enjoy season after season. Temporary docks can give waterfront owners the versatility they may be looking for as their needs change and their desires change for their property. We can install, remove, store, maintain, and repair all types of temporary docks. Whether you simply want to change it up from season to season or you want to expand for special events, we can help you make your temporary dock everything you want and need it to be. At Marine Blue, Inc., we also carry a full line of temporary dock parts and accessories so you can truly customize both the look and performance to meet your individual temporary dock needs.


Shore Side Docks