Navigational Aids

At Marine Blue, Inc., we are leading dealer of the trusted line of Sealite navigational aids for your waterfront needs. Sealite navigational aids are on the cutting edge of safety and technology. Made from high quality and durable materials, all Sealite products we carry can and will stand the test of the time and the harsh elements Mother Nature can throw at the lakes region. When it comes to your safety and security on the water, trust Sealite and trust Marine Blue, Inc. to bring you the best and newest Sealite products.

The line of lighted buoys and markers for navigation from Sealite come in LED lighting, battery powered, or solar powered, meaning you have choices and energy saving options. We proudly supply the lakes region with a variety of options and can guide consumers as to what specific navigational aids may work best for their individual needs.

Stop in at Marine Blue, Inc. and discover what kind of navigational aids are available and best for your waterfront and boating lifestyle.