Installation & Removals

Our state of the art equipment gives our professional team at Marine Blue, Inc. the ability to do it all when it comes to the safe and efficient installation and removal of all of your lakefront items, including your boat, docks, lifts, and canopies. We are able to smoothly get to your waterfront property and install any size dock or lift based on your particular needs and topography. Our experts will come and measure your area and make a precise evaluation of how and when the job will be done. We also expertly remove your seasonal docks and lifts and store them safely in our facility to keep them safe from ice and snow damage, all without disrupting your life or property. As for your boat, our equipment allows our experts to go in and remove your boat with ease and care. We can and will gently replace your boat to the water when the weather is right and it is time to get back out and enjoy the water. We do more than simply install and remove your waterfront components; we provide peace of mind and timely service. We also do everything possible to ensure your installation and removal is customized. When you rely on Marine Blue, Inc., we create a detailed and precise file of your dock or lift measurements, boat size and details, pictures of your waterfront, and any other pertinent information that can help us help you. This allows for easy additions, repairs, or improvements along with making the process of installing and removing much smoother. Your waterfront installation and removal needs are fully covered by Marine Blue, Inc. at an affordable and competitive rate and with the knowledge that the job can and will be done perfectly season after season.

Pleas print, fill out and return the following form to us via email, fax, or mail: Marine Blue Service Contract