About Marine Blue

Marine Blue Inc. is a locally owned and operated business started by a team of professionals with years of experience maintaining, installing and repairing docks, lifts and other marine supplies and water craft necessary for residents to enjoy their lakefront property all around the lakes region. Knowing the area, the dock and lift industry and the needs of those who live and play on the water, the team at Marine Blue, Inc has been able to revolutionize and modernize the way boat owners care for their water craft, their property and how they can utilize the water they love living on year after year. Our entire team loves the lakes just as much as any other local homeowner and strives to help residents find the most environmentally sound, efficient and economical way to continue to relish their time on the lakes and their boats for years to come.

With the acquisition of the Blue Diamond, Marine Blue Inc. provides a service unlike any other local dock and lift care and boat storage company in the area. The Blue Diamond is a barge that gives Marine Blue Inc. the ability to deliver, install, remove, and repair docks and lifts without ever setting foot on your property. It allows us to access your water craft, boats, lifts and docks along with all of the fun accessories you have by water; which allows for us to move the items for storage or repair them without damage to pristine lawns or the landscaping you have invested in and take great pride in having maintained.

Aside from the unique access to your waterfront property and ability to service the docks and lifts you have with the use of the revolutionary Blue Diamond, Marine Blue Inc. is the premiere local provider of a variety of docks and lifts so you can get the most out of your waterfront property. Marine Blue Inc. takes care of all of your watercraft, dock and lift needs, all year long with our full line of seasonal services, including removal and delivery, storage and full maintenance checks of your water crafts and the most comprehensive selection of the latest products. We also offer many choices and brands of the most innovative ways to have fun on the water, from water trampolines to tubes and everything else in between. Marine Blue Inc. also provides landscaping supplies, snow removal and handles salt supplies, fulfilling your property needs outside of the water all year long. And, when the sun goes down and a special event takes over the night, our barge is also available for fireworks to make any waterside event all the more spectacular.

We know how hard local residents work for the homes and land along the most pristine and action packed lakes in the area. With skill, years of expertise in the industry, innovation, the highest quality products and brands and quality of service that is beyond compare, Marine Blue Inc. works diligently to handle all of your lakeside needs.